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When you need money and you need it quickly, a cash advance loan often comes to mind. Cash advance loans are short term loans that allow the customer to borrow a small sum of money. These advances are crucial for people who need urgent money before their paycheck comes in, but don’t have the time to secure a loan by conventional methods.

If you need a cash advance in a hurry, a cash advance loan is the perfect alternative to bouncing a check. Cash advance loans aren’t for everyone, and there are a few things you should know before giving them a try.

Quick cash can be a lifesaver

Sometimes making it from paycheck to paycheck is rough. If you don’t have any savings, when an emergency comes up you may have to make a difficult choice between handling the emergency and paying your rent.

Other loan options often mean longer wait times, and the possibility of being refused for bad credit. In most cases, these are not a factor in cash advance loans.

Helps when you get caught at a cash only place

These days carrying cash has fallen out of favor. Almost everyone takes credit, and using plastic is usually incentivized through points programs. Unfortunately the downside to only carrying a card is when you end up needing something from a place that takes cash only. This might just be a cool souvenir from a vendor, but it also could be something important, like an essential purchase for your car or a veterinary office.

If you need cash, some credit cards will allow you to pull cash out in advance using an ATM. This works more or less the same as if you’d put a product on the card, but this time the product is cash. If you need cash immediately and you already have a credit card, this method of getting cash can really help tide you over.

Can be expensive

Cash advance loans are very useful for times when you need cash immediately and can’t afford to wait a few days. The downside of course, is that they’re usually more expensive than other types of loans. Some places charge a flat fee, but others may charge a percentage of the loan amount on top of interest and other charges.

The best option is to read the fine print carefully before making any decisions on a cash advance loan. As long as you enter the loan with your eyes wide open, you can usually handle your emergency for a fair price and get the cash when you need it—not days later.

Cash advance loans are a useful part of banking, and there are a variety of ways to get them. If you find the right loan, you can benefit greatly from the quick cash flow, and not pay an unfair price on top of that. If you’re not sure about a particular loan, don’t be afraid to ask questions. You’ll feel better, and still get the cash you need in plenty of time.

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